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The company CCVis s.r.o. was founded in response to a high demand for video analysis software, as a spin-off from its parent company CertiCon a.s.

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Video analysis

Video analysis is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence to dissect footage, extract valuable insights, and predict outcomes.
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Cloud and on-premise

Depending on your specific needs and preferred usage, we provide our solution in cloud, on-premise, and hybrid formats to ensure it aligns with your requirements.
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Computer vision analysis merges AI and creativity to convert video data into insights and unlock future potential that our clients can benefit from.
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Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made computer vision video analysis transforms unique challenges into actionable insights, using artificial intelligence to give businesses a competitive edge.

We have a strong

We are a part of Certicon group. CertiCon is a leading software development company that specializes in creating cutting-edge solutions for various industries.

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