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Standalone service

Interested in deploying our application on your hardware? Rest assured! We're here to assist with the setup and provide a tailored licensing option.

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Leave it on us!

Utilize the application deployed in cloud. We guarantee constant service, fast responses and high security.

Highest security

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We will help you

Unlock centralized video analysis management with no need of high-speed internet. Our Edge Computing solution ensures top-notch security and global access while reducing hardware costs.

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What we can help you with

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Gain insights into viewer behavior, optimize content for maximum engagement, and implement personalized targeting strategies with advanced video analysis for a more impactful and effective marketing approach.

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Atificial intelligence functions as a powerful tool, converting video data into meaningful insights. This transformative process empowers businesses to make informed decisions, fostering success and excellence in their endeavors.

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Safety and security

Embrace the capabilities of a vigilant AI sentinel that rapidly identifies potential hazards, elevating security measures through advanced technologies and proactive threat detection.

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Effortlessly optimize traffic flow through advanced data analysis, including features like license plate recognition, speed measurement, and car type recognition, contributing to an efficient and intelligent transportation system.

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