Letňany Shopping Center

Achieving over 97%+ success in visitors count.

Defines the number of visitors in the shopping center. The route, where most customers go in the store.


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Customers need

Monitoring of customers’ movement within the shopping center OC Letňany.

The primary objective was to count each individual customer entering the premises and to translate the results into comprehensive reports for OC owners. At the beginning of the cooperation was the idea of ​​replacing an existing system which visibly did not provide qualified and relevant results. The long-term goal was to create a modern and technologically advanced camera and surveillance system in the shopping center which would help to ensure the safety of the shopping center and customers, but also provide important data on the purchasing behavior of customers.


How do I choose the correct Analysis function?

First, it was necessary to find a suitable location for the cameras. Their positioning is crucial in many respects and our experts can accurately determine not only the location but also the viewing angle. This was followed by the installation of CertiConVis. An equally important part of the delivery was the modification of the computational algorithms themselves so that they were able to eliminate surrounding influences such as reflections of persons in the glass door, duplicate detection and counting of persons in the event of overlapping of persons or objects.

Solutions imagery

secureThe client approved posting solution images and videos on our website.

Applied analytical functions

Result of implementation

How did we help the customer

  • 95% success rate of CertiConVis software
  • highly increased accuracy
  • the measured result is considered excellent
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